Finding passion in the little things….

Hello my lovely readers (let’s be real, 10)!

These past three weeks have been stressful. While preparing for annual reporting at work, I also had three midterms, with an upcoming midterm paper. However, I wanted to share the good news! Regardless of the difficulty of the exams, each time I study and fall in love with the material I know this is what I am meant to do… meant to be. It is an exciting feeling, one that I never had in undergrad, that’s for sure! Sometimes I stop and think why did it take so long for me to figure this out? Hmmmm… that gives me a great idea for a future post!

Some interesting things on my diseases (this class highly focuses on carcinogenesis)  midterm:

Quote of the semester (from a toxicology conference) concerning genetics and cancer: “Your parents load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger.” Interesting take on how the environment plays an enormous role in disease development. Another post in itself.

Lymphatic filariasis is a neglected tropical disease spread by mosquitoes. This is better known as elephantiasis. (See photo below; retrieved from The Washington Post).

Image result for lymphatic filariasis

This week, I know — it’s Thursday, I will be at the gym everyday! I was on a workout roll there for a bit, and it felt GREAT! With everything going on, it was a big stress reliever and very mediating. Tonight, I shall begin again. Technically, I was done with actual paper exams on Tuesday, but I decided to binge watch Grey’s and catch up! It’s sooo good right now. I’m almost done with season 12, so hopefully I will be all caught up soon.

Oooo.. one last thing: I CANNOT WAIT TO MAKE THIS – PUMPKIN SPICE PROTEIN SHAKE! Thank you Fed & Fit for this mouthwatering recipe.



Photo: Fed & Fit

Have a great weekend!




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